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Training and Workshops

Focused. Understanding. Efective.

Your vision is our mission.

In-house or external, we offer training seminars in: Intercultural Competency, Conflict Transformation, Effective Teamwork, Diversity and Surviving Germany.

Our training seminars are designed with variety and diversity in mind. We work face to face and enrich our collective knowledge. Our seminars are an entertaining mix of impulse speeches, individual and group work, roleplaying, case studies, exercises, discussions, experience exchange and self-reflection.

Project Management

Planned. Measured. Achieving.

We balance the magic triangle for you: time, money, quality.

Whether you want to organize a benefit gala or execute a rollout of new computers or software in your enterprise, we have managed a wide variety of projects and can guide you from project initiation to successful project completion. Accompanied by academic project management tools, we can help you handle the budgeting, scheduling and quality of your project to your specifications. Contact us for an initial meeting and a unique quote.


Reliable. Professional. Customized.

We lift your texts into another language, allowing you to communicate across the world.

Our professional translations, adaptations and editorial work are carried out by native speakers. We offer you our expertise across a wide variety of subject areas from general and business texts to highly specialized legal, logistics, and medical texts. We maintain a four-eye principle on all translations. For a unique quote, let us know the length of your original document, the subject matter, and urgency.


Meticulous. Prompt. Discreet.

We comb through your copy so you can impress with accuracy.

If you value style, consistency and logic as much as accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar, you've come to the right people. Nothing is more annoying than a great book with three errors on the first page. When copy-editing, we check spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, consistency, logic, flow and intelligibility. We can also offer legal checks for copyright infringement and defamation. Only native speakers with specialist knowledge in the subject area work on your texts. Our editing work perfectly complements our translations. For a unique quote, let us know the length of your original document, the subject matter, and urgency.

Layout and Design

Accurate. Adapted. Fit.

We shape your layouts and designs so you want to be judged by your cover.

Flyers, posters, books, and postcards need layouts. Books, annual reports, magazines, and CDs need covers. We can help you with any of those, whether with your own material or with material sourced specifically for you. We only download free images if that is precisely what you want us to do. Your layouts and covers will be fit for the market while being just as exceptional as you. Let us know what your project is, what you need for layout and design and we'll give you a unique quote.